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Innovative and Cutting-edge Technology for your Research

At Treellum Technologies, we create advanced technological tools for scientific research. Our mission is to provide the research community with reliable photoreactors to ensure reproducible experiments.



The interaction between molecules and light shapes life as we know it from our ability to detect light with our eyes to how plants obtain their energy from the sunlight. This is why photochemistry can be applied to a wide range of fields as a promising new approach to conduct chemical reactions.

Our expertise helps us design parallel photoreactors that assist scientists in improving their chemical research.

Photochemistry is based on using light to facilitate, initiate or accelerate a chemical reaction.


Water treatment. Air cleaning. Mineralisation of organic pollutants.
Skin and retinal conditions.
Cancer treatments.
Synthetic methodologies
Pharmaceutical applications. Agrochemical sector.
Material science industry.
Solar processes
Water splitting. CO2 reduction of chemicals to fuel.
Fine chemistry.



At Treellum Technolgies we have developed a family of patented parallel photoreactors that ensure high reproducibility and reliability of photocatalytic chemical reactions.

TREX photoreactor

Our flagship TREX reactor is designed to ensure optimal results of any photochemistry experiment.

  • 16 reaction vials distributed in four independent groups

  • A circular design that provides a constant magnetic stir
  • Control of temperature for each vial in the -30 to 80ºC range.*

  • Irradiation of each vial by independent wavelength LEDs
  • Customisable LED sets that allow the modification of light intensity for each experiment

    * For conditions below 0 ºC, accessory equipment is required

The characteristic that defines our TREX reactor is the control of reaction variables.

TT-HTE48 photoreactor

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Our team is composed of experienced scientists and engineers who contribute with their expertise and creativity to develop our unique products.

CSO & Co-Founder
Prof Julio Lloret

Julio is an ICREA Professor and Group Leader at ICIQ. He obtained his PhD in Chemistry from Universidad de Valencia. He brings to Treellum Technologies over 15 years of experience in designing and building new equipment for scientific applications and in acquiring the knowledge to pursue sustainable and green chemical transformations in the context of artificial photosynthesis. His research is focused on the production of fuels from sunlight and atmospheric raw materials using catalyst development based on first-row transition metals.

CEO & Co-Founder
Dr Esther Alza

Esther is an organic and medicinal chemist by training as well as an entrepreneur. She completed her PhD in organic chemistry, asymmetric catalysis and flow chemistry at the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ). In her more than 10 years of experience, Dr Alza has always followed the principles of green chemistry and applying science for a sustainable world. Her expertise includes the development of proprietary technologies and methodologies related to catalysis and flow chemistry for innovative organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry, incorporating novel tools like automatization, AI and additive manufacturing.

CTO & Co-Founder
Jose Luis León

Jose Luis has a mechanical engineering background, and he is a design specialist with more than 15 years of experience in the modelling and manufacture of unique pieces. These range from medicinal devices to scientific equipment, including the regulation and control of automation aspects. He incorporates creativity, smart design, and cutting-edge techniques to the company.
Scientific Advisor
& Co-Founder
Prof Miquel A. Pericàs
Miquel A. Pericàs is a Senior Group Leader at ICIQ and an expert in organic chemistry and asymmetric catalysis, as well as a pioneer in supported organocatalytic transformations in flow chemistry. He has supported technological industrial innovation, both as the Director of the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) since its constitution to 2020, as well as a serial entrepreneur. His major research interests are currently focused on enantioselective catalysis in batch and flow with species immobilized onto polymers and magnetic nanoparticles and the discovery of new reactions mediated by light. He is also interested in improving the way chemical processes are carried out, promoting the paradigm change from batch to flow, and the design of efficient, yet affordable reaction systems. His numerous honours and awards include the Medal of the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry (RSEQ) awarded in 2019, and his election as a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona and as Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Scientific Advisor
& Co-Founder
Prof Ruben Martin
Ruben Martin is a Senior Group Leader at ICIQ and an ICREA Professor. He received his PhD from the University of Barcelona and performed stays at the Max-Planck Institut für Kohlenforschung as a Humboldt postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Alois Fürstner and at MIT with Prof. Stephen L. Buchwald. His interests concern the discovery and development of synthetically useful organometallic methodologies via the catalytic activation of strong sigma bonds and the valorisation of chemical feedstocks, including the functionalization of saturated and unsaturated hidrocarbons and carbon dioxide. He is also interested in development of photochemical events driven by visible light and is a well-known expert in C-H activation and light-driven transformations. Among other awards, he has received the 2011 Eli Lilly Investigator Award, 2015 RSEQ Excellent Award, 2017 OMCOS Award, 2018 Hirata Award, 2018 Banc Sabadell Award to Sciences and Engineering, 2019 Novartis Chemistry Award and 2020 Arthur Cope Scholar Award.
Electronics & Comput. Sci. Advisor & Co-Founder
Juan José Pla
Juan José Pla is an expert with more than 35 years of experience in industrial electronics and computer science. During his career, he has been a part of several important companies such as Ericsson Information Systems, Nokia and I.C.I. S.A. working on proprietary computer systems. Since 1997, he is working as a Senior IT Technician at Fujitsu Technology Solutions S.A.



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