Photochemistry is of immense importance in the natural world: from vision to photosynthesis, life as we know it relies on the interactions between molecules and light. Using light to provide the activation energy required to start a reaction can have multiple benefits. For instance, some photochemical reactions are several orders of magnitude faster than their thermal analogues. In other cases, using light to trigger a reaction can enable an otherwise inaccessible reaction path – which is exactly what Treellum Technologies intends on doing.

ICIQ’s new spin-off, Treellum Technologies, brings together the expertise and know-how on photocatalysis and reactor-building of the institute’s research groups. The result is a new line of photo-reactors with complete temperature and light intensity control. “We hope our technologies will help researchers worldwide to do better science,” states Esther Alza, who spearheads the project as its Chief Executive Officer.

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